Burrnationk9s is a dog breeding company specializing in XL Pitbull & XL American Bully. Founded by Alandise Harris.

Products and Services offered by Burrnationk9s:

Dog Breeding:
If you’re looking for a reputable company that breeds the finest XL American Bullies and Pitbulls in the world, look no further than Burrnationk9s. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Burrnationk9s is a kennel that breeds the finest Bullies and Pitbulls in all colors that no other company can match.

Training Services:
Not only can you expect to be presented with the finest bred dogs, but you can also take advantage of the kennel’s training services.

Burrnationk9s specializes in the following:
– Training dogs for obedience
– Training dogs for dog shows
– Training of dogs for personal protection
– Training of dogs as companion dogs

With the use of positive reinforcement techniques, the kennel will ensure that the high-quality American Bullies and Pitbulls they breed are perfect for your needs.

Our Mission:
In order to provide you with exceptional pedigrees, the kennel’s goal is to breed litters in which each and every puppy has great build, excellent health, and wonderful temperament. The kennel is passionate about the preservation and improvement of the American Bully and Pitbull breeds, ensuring that every puppy you select meets United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club standards for health, temperament and physique.

The team at Burrnationk9s has more than 10 years of combined experience working with American XL Bullies and Pitbulls. This experience pays off, which is why the puppies you get from at Burrnationk9s are top notch and are known both nationally and internationally for their excellent breeding and rare color variations. Many of the kennel’s puppies have won titles in show rings around the world, such as Best XL American Bully in Show and Best of Breed.

Our Vision:
You don’t have to worry about unethical practices because Burrnationk9s practices ethical breeding and also places great emphasis on it. All affiliated breeders are screened to ensure that they use humane practices in the training and socialization of their Bully puppies. On top of that, Burrnationk9s also thoroughly screens potential buyers like you to ensure that you can provide loving homes for the puppies.

As the puppies grow up in a loving family environment and their health and well-being is a top priority at every stage of their development, they’re well socialized and have regular contact with people and other dogs to develop a good temperament.

Our History:
Burrnationk9s was founded in 2015 by Alandise Harris, with the aim of offering its customers the best structured XL American Bullies and Pitbulls.

Key People at Burrnationk9s:
Alandise Harris is the founder and current CEO of Burrnationk9s. He’s a former Arkansas Razorback and currently a professional basketball player overseas.

Burrnationk9s Customers:
Many megastars like Offset from the rap group Migos, NBA champion Bobby Portis from the Milwaukee Bucks, KJ Jefferson from the Arkansas Razorbacks, to name a few, have their puppies bred and trained by the kennel. You too can become one of Burrnationk9s’ happy customers.

XL Pitbulls for Sale - XL American Bullies for Sale

Our goal is to produce huge, clean, correct, athletic, muscular and gorgeous show quality XL Pitbulls & XL American Bullies for sale. No other pitbull kennel in the United States of America can compare. We come from the biggest, best pitbull breeders and bully breeders bloodlines in the USA. Our Pitbull and American Bull puppies conform to the United Kennel Club and American Bully Kennel Club standards in health, temperament and structure; preserving and improving them as American Bully and Pitbull Terriers. The purpose of this website is to showcase BurrnationK9’s Pitbull Kennels and its accomplishments in the pitbull breeding niche. These are not only show quality American Bully puppies , weight pulling Pitbull puppy champions, and pitbull dogs for protection, but they are very loved and valued members of our life. Showing them and participating in many dog-related activities is a hobby that we (and the American Bully & Pitbull puppies) love and enjoy. 

We are Home of the most beautiful Pitbulls that have now been termed “American Bullies”. Here at Burrnationk9s, we breed some of the most amazing dogs in the world with the absolute best Pitbull & American Bully bloodlines of the XL American Bully Game. All of our dogs and puppies are so amazing that we are constantly stopped and questioned about these show stopping animals. These dogs were termed XL Pitbulls, which are actually now termed American Bullies due to their overall size and ability to work. They are usually calmer in drive than the most original Pitbull Terrier and make better family pets. American Bullies have amazing Temperaments, Incredible Size, Fantastic Muscle, and willingness to please the owner. They make phenomenal family dogs and excellent companions. Our American Bully / Pitbull puppies look like baby lions walking, when people see them full grown they are speechless at the rapid growth! I invite you to make yourself at home and meet the Burrnationk9s Pitbull Kennel And our pitbull puppies for sale. Enjoy your visit! We Are The Best Pitbull kennel & American Bully Kennel in the United States let alone in Arkansas and the surrounding areas.

blue merle pitbull
chocolate tri pitbull puppy

Are you looking for a professional pitbull breeder? As Burrnationk9s, we have, in the last 9 years, We built a great reputation in breeding the biggest pitbull puppies for sale as well as bully puppies for sale for individuals, athletes, small business owners and families. We hand deliver and ship our puppy pitbulls for sale to all US states as well as inernational. When meeting a potential pit bull breeder Pitbull Kennel owner, we arrange a video interview or have them visit our XL pitbull kennels. We vet potential buyers to ensure they are responsible owners who will provide a loving home for our prized bully puppies for sale. All burrnationk9s affiliate pitbull breeders love their XL pitbull puppy and XXL pitbull puppies just like we do. This pitbull breeders community shares useful information, attends abkc shows, share videos and updates on their thriving xl pitbull puppies. They are very proud members and we enjoy watching our community grow. Our bully puppies are not for everyone. They are exclusive to owners who have gone through our vetting process and are ready to add a new member to their family. Our puppy pit bulls are bred for both small and large families. They are currently used as therapy dogs, service dogs, and family guard dogs. They are non-aggressive, loyal and very protective of their new family. Also, our puppy pitbulls are very smart and are great company for children or elders in your home. That is the main focus of our Pitbull breeding program and what makes us the best pitbull breeders in Arkansas and best pitbull breeders in the USA.

We at Burrnationk9s Kennels do ship pitbull puppies for sale anywhere in the world. Also, we hand deliver our prized baby pit bulls to any city within the United States. Our United States owners are located in
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah,Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin
Our European owners are located in Rotterdam Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Paris France . Additional we have Burrnationk9s Family member that are a vital part of our pitbull breeding program located all over the United States & Europe. Our puppy pit bulls for sale are selectively bred for temperament, health, size, strength, and beauty. When working with our affiliate puppy pitbull breeders, we empower them and ensure they have a vision for their pitbull kennels. Each member has years of experience and bring their own Pitbull Power to the table. This is the reason you may see us advertise some XL or XXL dogs from affiliate bully kennels like Burrnationk9s Kennels. We are confident that all our affiliate bully breeders get it right on health, physique, and temperament when breeding pitbull puppies. Some of our Pitbull Breeders, breed champagne pitbull puppies, tri pitbull puppies, chocolate pitbull puppies, while others love to breed Bluenose Pitbull puppies, and merle Pitbull Puppies.

If you are searching for xl bully puppies , you have come to the right place. Our Pitbull puppies are gigantic. We produced some of the Biggest xxl Pitbulls in the world and definitely the Biggest Blue nose Pitbull in the world. Our dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club as American Pitbull Terriers and American Bully kennel club American Bully . This allows them to showcase their puppies in the showring. Many of our puppies have Won Best XL American Bully in show and best of breed at numerous show locations across the world.
Our XXL Pitbull Puppies sizes range between 100lbs to 170lbs. Depends on the parents, the pick of the litter, and the gender of the pitbull puppy.
Our XL Pitbull Puppies sizes range between 100lbs to 140lbs typically. It really depends on the parents and how the breeding matched up.

The classic American Bully is similar to the standard American Bully. It has the traditional characteristics of the Bully pit, but with less body mass and a narrower traditional Pitbull terrier look. Males are about 17”-20 at the withers while females are 16” to 19”.

​Standard Pit bulls and American Bullies have a muscular body with a blocky head, giving them a very muscular and strong look for their size. Bone structure of these dogs are more pronounced. Males are about 17”-20 at the withers while females are 16” to 19”.

​Standard Pit bulls and American Bullies have a muscular body with a blocky head, giving them a very muscular and strong look for their size. Bone structure of these dogs are more pronounced. Males are about 17”-20 at the withers while females are 16” to 19”.

​Standard Pit bulls and American Bullies have a muscular body with a blocky head, giving them a very muscular and strong look for their size. Bone structure of these dogs are more pronounced. Males are about 17”-20 at the withers while females are 16” to 19”.

As professional pitbull breeders, we keep our XL pitbull puppies on the dam’s milk until they reach weaning age. We want the puppies to receive healthy antibodies from the dam’s milk to fortify their immune systems. Once the baby pitbulls start teething, we introduce them to solid foods. Our choice of healthy puppy food include chicken, eggs, and ground beef. All our pitbull puppies are raised on ​Muscle Bully supplements to boost their growth and immunity. We always encourage our burrnationk9s pit bull breeders to keep their pitbull puppies on a raw diet which is healthier and has more ​nutrition.

Our pit bull puppies are trained to be obedient. When a puppy is old enough, we socialize it to older dogs and children. We raise our bully puppies for sale in a loving family environment. Frequent interaction with humans and other dogs builds good behavior and temperament in our dogs.
Also, as the main Burrnationk9s pitbull breeder, we ensure all our affiliate burrnationk9s pitbull breeders follow the right and humane procedures for training and socializing their bully puppies. We are big on reward-based training which brings out the best in our bully puppies for sale.

We are offering a 20% military discount and limited payment plans. All you have to do is to give us a call and we’ll contact you for further details. We will make you feel less like a customer but more like a family member. When you’re getting one or more of our healthy Pitbull Puppies. We have produced hundreds of dogs and now we are dealing with a great group of dog breeders that shares interesting information on how to breed, raise, and care for your puppy better.

Alandise Harris, full time professional basketball player, Founder of this breeding/training program. Alandise works hard to make sure the program exceeds expectations. He saves no expense when it comes to the care, no time when it comes to the genetic research of these dogs. Making sure that we mate the right dogs for the program as well as for families. That is why we are able sale pups to superstars like Offset.

Alandise Harris, Arkansas Razorback, And Founder Of Burrnationk9s Dunks Ball Against Tennessee
Alandise Harris (DOG BREEDERS) Owner Of Burrnationk9s Taking Picture At local Dog Show With Burrnationk9s Mr. Kickin Drip XL Pitbull, XXL Pitbull, American Bully XL
Alandise Harris (Breeder) takes Photo with Bossy Kennels Puppy Bossy Kennels Jon Jon Son of Bossy Kennels Mr. Goodbar XL American Bully
Alandise Harris Founder Of Burrnationk9s Doing Photo Shoot With His Professional Basketball Team In Japan
Special thanks to Offset from the Migos on his pick up of the most exclusive Tri Merle American Bully on the planet.​ 2 faced Tri Merle Male 2Xs 180 pound ddk9s hulk from our litter (TBU's King Merle X Bnk9's Giovanni Chanel)
Alandise Harris Founder Of Burrnationk9s Playing Professionally Overseas in Hungary Dunking The Basketball
Alandise Harris Founder Of Burrnationk9s Playing Professionally Overseas in Hungary Dunking The Basketball

Nba Champion Bobby Portis Of The Milwaukee Bucks

We want to thank Arkansas native bobby Portis for his purchase in two male xl pitbulls “mojo & nipsey” mojo from our (Ellisbloodline Da Demon Recka X Burrnationk9s Mz.KittieBlues) & Nipsey from our (Burrnationk9s Mr. Kickin Drip X Burrnationk9s YaYa)

Bobby Portis of the New York Knicks owner of a few of our XL Pitbull Puppies
Bobby Portis and Alandise Harris with their xl Pitbull Puppies Burrnationk9s Nipsey Hustle A Blue Tri Merle Bully and Mojo A Blue nose pitbull Brindle
Bobby Portis of the New York Knicks owner of a few of our XL Pitbull Puppies