Alandise Harris: Professional Basketball Player and founder/ceo of Burrnationk9s.


Alandise Harris is A professional Basketball Player, and founder/ceo of Burrnationk9s.

I started my passion for dogs in 2015 when I founded Burrnationk9s. I started with with breeding and training Siberian huskies. The Siberian huskies taught me everything about dogs with experience with them being one of the hardest dogs to handle. I quickly discovered the love, drive and passion to start breeding, and training dogs in obedience, and protection training, which led to me transferring my talents to other breeds which is where iam to day which is XL Pitbulls and XL American Bullies. Since 2015 Burrnationk9s have been one of the top breeding and training companies in the world. Many megastars like Offset from the rap group Migos, NBA champion Bobby Portis from the Milwaukee Bucks, KJ Jefferson from the Arkansas Razorbacks, to name a few, have their puppies bred and trained by the kennel. You too can become one of Burrnationk9s’ happy customers.

Alandise Harris

Iam A professional Basketball Player And Founder/Ceo Of Burrnationk9s.


Iam The Founder And Ceo Of Burrnationk9s, Where I Specialize In XL Pitbulls And XL American Bullies. 

Burrnationk9s offers

Dog Breeding:
If you’re looking for a reputable company that breeds the finest XL American Bullies and Pitbulls in the world, look no further than Burrnationk9s. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Burrnationk9s is a kennel that breeds the finest Bullies and Pitbulls in all colors that no other company can match.

Training Services:
Not only can you expect to be presented with the finest bred dogs, but you can also take advantage of the kennel’s training services.

Burrnationk9s specializes in the following:
– Training dogs for obedience
– Training dogs for dog shows
– Training of dogs for personal protection
– Training of dogs as companion dogs

With the use of positive reinforcement techniques, the kennel will ensure that the high-quality American Bullies and Pitbulls they breed are perfect for your needs.


Companies Founded

Ive Founded Burrnationk9s in 2015.

Profesional Basketball

started playing professional basketball in 2015. Here’s a list of professional basketball teams I’ve played for.

2015-2016 Iwate Big Bulls located in iwate, Japan.

2017 Louaize located in Lebanon

2017-2018 Alba Fehervar in Fehervar, Hungary 

2018-2019 Zalakeramia-ZTE KK Located in Hungary

2019-2020 BK Levicki Patrioti Levice Located in Levice, Slovakia 


College Basketball

2010-2012 Houston Cougars

2012-2015 Arkansas Razorbacks


High School Basketball

2006-2010 Little Rock Central High School

AAU Basketball

2007-2009 Arkansas Wings Elite


Mother-Alberta Harris

Sister- Ebony Harris

Sister- Marqkitta Harris

Brother- Jonathan Willis

Son- Alandise Harris Jr