American Bulldogs: Are they good family dogs?

American bulldogs are descendants of the Mastiff from ancient times. They were bred for their power and strength. Farmers used the American bulldog in early 17th-century times to protect their cattle from wild boars. These large, muscular dogs are today the most popular property and family protection dog. The American bulldog’s history makes them territorial and instinctually defensive.

You might be asking yourself: Is an American Bulldog a great pet for the family? Well, American bulldogs are a great dog for families if it’s trained in basic obedience and socialized well.

Characteristics of American Bulldogs

American bulldogs were not born in order to be working dogs. However, it is friendly, playful, and sensitive. American bulldogs, if not socialized, can be aggressive and dangerous if they aren’t properly trained.

The bulldog needs to quickly get to know people, animals, and children as a puppy to be able to adjust to modern life. You should not leave your bulldog alone for long periods of time. They are susceptible to separation anxiety.

Activity Level and Maintenance

American bulldogs are a large breed, weighing 60-100 pounds. They cannot live in apartments as they require plenty of space to exercise, run and play. American bulldogs are intelligent and intuitive. They need a trained owner who understands basic training. The breed can be destructive and will test your limits if you don’t take care of it.

The American bulldog is not an easy dog to train. This breed is highly sensitive, has strong prey drive and is driven by an instinct to work. They are high maintenance because they cannot be left alone, require constant mental stimulation, and need to be able to roam freely. They are full of energy and would fit anyone having the same mentality.

Training: How smart are American Bulldogs?

An American bulldog’s brilliance is not comparable to other dogs. This breed is able to command and receive rewards due to their breeding. While they are excellent at protecting their friends and family, their first hunting behavior is not very effective when it comes to strangers.

Your American bulldog’s instinctive aggression will be greatly reduced if you socialize them properly. They will behave exactly as you want if they are given the time and patience to do so. Dogs can have difficulty following commands and won’t understand rewards and commands. If you are clear with your intentions for your American bulldog, surely, they will behave the same way you raised them. Note that American bulldogs are highly intelligent.

Wrapping it up

American bulldogs can be great with people, pets, and children because they are a laid-back, active, sensitive breed. The American bulldog is a wonderful addition to any family if it is well socialized and raised together.

Due to their breeding history, they are highly prey-driven, high-maintenance and can become very excitable. They are intelligent and independent, but they will push the boundaries if basic training is not done. For more information about American Bulldogs, you can check out

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