American Bully Breeder: How to Become a Successful One?

Breeding dogs is a craft and requires constant training and personal development through the years. It also requires quite a lot of time and investment in money since breeding dogs isn’t as a profitable business.

If you’re determined to be an effective American Bully breeder, you can take a few steps to ease the process.

Start with a Strong Stock

When you begin breeding dogs, it is important to ensure that you’re doing it ethically. It’s about not breeding dogs that have any type of disqualifying defects, that may result in unwanted pups and causing the problem of overpopulation.

You’d like all your pups to be in the most loving homes. A large part of that is ensuring that they don’t have any undesirable characteristics.

However, finding the most reliable supply can be quite difficult. When you’re looking through puppies in a litter the breeder will usually divide their puppies in three groups: pet quality, show-quality, and “pick of the litter.”

The puppies that are of high-quality are destined to homes where they’ll become loved pets of the family. They are typically provided with a restricted registration package, meaning that although they are licensed, offspring aren’t.

Start Small

If you visit any breeder that is well-established, you’ll see that they’ve got several dogs. The majority of my breeder buddies have anywhere between 10-20 adult dogs that they own at any given moment. It is possible to think that in order to reach that level it is best to start with a lot of dogs however this isn’t the situation.

Remember that those 10–20 dog breeds are outcome from many years of diligent breeder selection and the careful breeding of the new breeds. Quality dogs are costly.

There’s only one method to state it, because it’s the truth. It’s already necessary to pay an amount of money in order to begin. Don’t purchase more dogs than you’ll need.

Also, ensure that you don’t have several litters in the beginning. If you’re just beginning with a lot of puppies, you’ll have a tough marketing your pups and could end up keeping some beyond the normal eight weeks.

Get Registered

When you first begin the breeding of American Bully dogs, it’s ideal to be an American Bully Kennel Club registered breeder. This not only gives you access to a network and advice from more experienced breeders, but also allows you to promote your business.

American Bullies are specialty dogs and aren’t a common breed. If you’re looking to buy a pedigreed American Bully the first place to look will be the American Bully Kennel Club.

When you buy your foundation dogs, be sure that they are registered in full. This is different from the limited registration that is what a lot of breeders sell their animals with. Full registration permits your dog and the puppies of their litter to register and be exhibited under the guidelines of the American Bully Kennel Club. A limited registration isn’t able to permit the registration of offspring from the dog’s litter.

Additionally, if you’re selling show dogs, which is what you should aim for Future owners will require registration in order to show their dogs. They’ll also require a full pedigree to ensure that they breed their dogs in a responsible manner and with dogs that are not related to them.

Breeding American Bullies is very rewarding, provided you’re doing it with the right reasons and aren’t expecting to make a lot of money from it in terms of money, particularly in the beginning.

Don’t try to do this on your own, so locate a mentor and remain with them since they’ll be among your most valuable sources in the beginning of your time breeding. IF you have questions, you can message

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