Are American Bullies An Aggressive Breed? Facts about the American Bully

The American Bully is one of the breeds that was that was developed in the 1980’s, and further refined in their appearance in the end of the 90’s. American Bullies are a hybrid breed that combines The American Pit Bull Terrier , American Staffordshire Terrier and Bulldog breeds such as that of Olde English Bulldog.

In spite of their namesake and intimidating appearance, the American Bully isn’t an breed that is aggressive. American Bullies were in fact specially bred to make great family dogs. The signs of aggression toward humans is not typical of the breed and extremely undesirable.

An aggressive behavior in an American bully towards humans is extremely rare and is is not an expected behavior for this breed. These kinds of behaviors are common in any dog, and usually, they are the result of inadequate training, handling, and the overall care for the pet. A typical American Bully’s default status is that of a kind, gentle and affectionate family dog.

First Fact – The American Bully breed is, most importantly it’s a pet. They are gentle and sociable temperament. They are great family dogs.

Is the American Bully a Dangerous Breed?

The American Bully is strong large, slender, and intimidating to look at. When you can get past the intimidating appearance, you’ll soon discover the fact that American Bullies are not dangerous breeds. They’re actually one of the most sweet breeds of dog that is family-friendly.

American Bullies are very intelligent and active dogs. Their natural desire to please makes them easily trainable with the proper guidance. They may also show some of the Bully breed’s and their tenacious streak. If you give your American Bully the love and care they deserve will result in a well-balanced and well-behaved dog.

Any dog who exhibits aggression is usually because of poor management and care from the owner. Whatever breed you choose. Inattention to exercise, training and taking care of your pet can lead to negative behaviours.

In some instances, this can be hazardous. A heightened level of energy in the absence of leadership and poor treatment may cause aggression, fear and anxiety that can lead to dangerous behavior.

Finding the American Bully as a first time owner requires knowledge regarding the dog breed, its needs and the best way to manage their training. Make sure you provide the right amount of exercise and supervision in order to ensure that American Bullies can be an ideal pet for a first time owner. The chance that the American Bully becoming a risky dog is virtually zero when it is cared in a responsible manner.

Second Fact: American Bullies are not a dangerous breed of dog. A family with a loving heart that provides the dogs with exercise, training and love will enjoy a well-balanced and friendly dog living in their house.

Is It Safe To Be Near An American Bully?

American Bully dogs are secure for your family, you your guests, the mailman. It is safe to travel with them. American Bully is a very affectionate breed of dog that is extremely affectionate towards humans. A well-socialized American Bully dog is a pleasure to have at home and will be able to make acquaintances quickly.

It is the American Bully is a gentle large breed. You’re safe from dangers or aggressive behavior with an appropriately controlled Bully. They are still big. Controlling their behavior in order to avoid excitement and accidental damage to your home or falling over someone is something worth watching.

Third Fact: The American Bully is a secure dog with respect to temperament. Exuberant behavior that is not controlled must be managed to keep from accidents, but.

I’m reminded of the expression “like a bull in a china shop”. In the case of an exuberant American Bully, this saying is true. The large and bulky dogs can cause some chaos when they’re allowed to bounce, run, jump and smash on furniture and other people. An appropriate training method to limit the frenzied behavior is required. For the safety of all.

Although they are American Bully is a very affectionate breed but they can also be somewhat guardian of their families at times. It is important to note that the American Bully is not a loud breed of dog and is not known to bark regularly. They do however alert of an imminent threat or to avoid things they consider to be unsafe. This kind of behavior is more a typical dog behaviour and is not exclusive in those who own the American Bully.

If you’re thinking of getting an American Bully as an animal guardian or for personal security, you should consult an experienced professional. This American Bully is an extremely robust and strong dog. Any type of protection or guarding task must be performed under the supervision of a highly-trained professional. If you attempt to tackle this task yourself, with no experience is extremely risky and should be avoided at all costs.

Are American Bullies Compatible With Other Dogs Or Cats?

A well-socialized American Bully can be a great companion for other canines. Making sure your American Bully gets out to socialize and meet other dogs as early as possible time is vital to their development. It is important to socialize your American Bully can at times exhibit a bit less tolerance towards other dogs, so make sure to socialize them as early as possible and frequently to avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

It is essential to watch the time you play in you American Bully and other dogs. They’re gentle and sweet however, they are also extremely strong and strong. An attack or arousal from other dogs towards your American Bully may cause a fight quickly, and breaking things down can be difficult because of their size.

Check for excessively excited and rough playing as well as any signs of aggression. Take the American bully out of any setting in which tensions to escalate could occur.

In the case of cats, the American Bully can have a great relationship with cats they’ve had a relationship with in the same home. They American Bully does have a decent prey drive however and the speedy movement of a cat around the yard or in the house could bring out this aspect of their nature.

Be cautious before introducing a cat to your home, especially if it is the help of an American Bully. Training and socialization to avoid chasing kitty is required. A American bully with a intense prey drive might not be able to cope with a cat who is new in the majority of circumstances. Assess the situation and talk with a professional if suspect any issues.

Are American Bully Dogs Safe For Children?

American Bully dog breeds are very child-friendly. They thrive when they live in homes with children. The American Bully actually loves children. They are very affectionate and gentle with children however, they must be taught proper manners in order to avoid accidents such as bumping and knocking children over. They’re large and heavy dogs and knocking the toddler is not difficult to happen.

The fourth fact American Bully Dogs are very children-friendly. The ability to teach everyone not to get too excited can help stop accidents such as accidental fall and bumps.

For any breed of dog, it is crucial to be aware of interactions between children and dogs. This is vital since you want to make sure that everyone is playing nicely and the interactions are pleasant and pleasant. Training your dog and your children to safely play together is vital in any home to prevent injuries and accidents.

Are There Any Restrictions On American Bullies?

A. The American Bully can be a breed that is restricted in certain states and provinces throughout a variety of countries. Sometimes, it is known as breed Specific Legislation (BSL) certain breeds of dog or dogs that are similar in appearance to breeds of dogs are prohibited or restricted.

I could write an entire piece about how sloppy and untrue laws pertaining to breeds can be. This is not just for owners who own an “pit bull type dog” but also the danger this kind of lawmaking can create for all pet owners. A sample of the words that some cities use to explain the type of dog that could be subject to these types of rules.

“It is illegal for anyone to own owned, possess and control over, manage the harbor, transport or trade in the city any pitbull or other breed of dog that is not restricted.

“Pit bull” … is defined as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog with the major physical characteristics of any particular (1) or one or more of the breeds mentioned above or any dog that exhibits these distinctive traits that match the standards set through the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club for any of the breeds mentioned above.

Source – City Code of the City of Aurora Colorado

If you are considering purchasing the American Bully it is very crucial to consult with your city provincial, state or federal government to make sure your pet isn’t restricted or comparable the appearance of a breed that is restricted.

Landowner & Rental Restrictions On American Bullies

In addition to the laws of the government, there are issues to the ownership of the American Bully in rental units or strata condominiums.

Community boards and landlords can typically limit certain breeds of dogs or breeds or dimensions of dogs. It’s not uncommon to find restrictions for “pit bull type dogs” in a variety of condo and rental listings.

Fact 5: American Bullies can be a restricted breed in certain cities provinces, states, and states. They also have to comply with condominium and rental restrictions that are set by landlords and boards.

As pet owner of an American Bully, I have faced many difficulties in finding rental properties. Prior to becoming a homeowner, the search for a place to live with me and 135 pounds dog was nearly impossible. It is possible that this will deter people from purchasing an  American Bully or Pitbull, and I can understand the reason. Be aware that if you’re contemplating getting a pet, you might have to face certain limitations.

Final Thoughts

Certain laws pertaining to breeds and discrimination due to appearance is just one of the issues that the American Bully will have to face. They are often portrayed as an aggressive or dangerous breed, however the truth is quite the opposite. The American Bully isn’t just secure, but is also kind, and friendly.

The battle against the prejudices and stereotypes of other breeds is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll have to overcome as a pet owner. American Bully. I’ve had to contend with this in my time as an owner of a Bully owner. Although it is often stressful, it’s also an opportunity to prove those who aren’t wrong.

The raising of a balanced dog should be the aim of all owners however, as the owner of the “pit bull type dog” it’s that much more crucial. Demonstrating to everyone else that pets such as those of the American Bully are outstanding canine citizens, and also a person who is a friend to all.

This isn’t an overwhelming task. As I’ve said before, that the American Bully is an easy dog to train and their standard status is one of a sweet dog that is a family pet. Be proud to show everyone your secure, well-behaved loving dog. If you are asked to restrict breeds demonstrate you are sure that American Bullies are not violent. Demonstrate to the world the amazing pet they were designed to be right from the beginning.