Exotic Bully in Comparison to American Bully

Understanding the distinct characteristics of various breeds is essential for giving your dog the best chance of success.

What is the main difference of a standard American bully and an exotic American bully?

The Exotic Bully breed is smaller and closer to the ground and is medium to low in energy level when compared with the American Bully. Plus, they’re more recent breeds. For the American Bully, it has an elongated body and tends to be strong. Both breeds are excellent pet dogs, but they need lots of different activities.

If you’re new to the bully breeds, or have an experienced already, you’ll be able to learn all sorts of fascinating facts about the differences between the breeds when you read about it.

American Bullies are Bigger Compared to Exotic Bullies

As it is true that the Exotic Bully breed is still growing and was only acknowledged by a breed group in 2008, there’s not much uniformity beyond the explanation in the previous paragraph. Size and appearance are the main breed indicators.

Here are a few characteristic physical traits of exotic bullies:

  • Exotic Bullies are generally shorter but have more size in comparison to American Bullies.
  • They show exaggerated characteristics and must stand out from the other bully breeds.
  • Most should be below 16.5 inches (42 cm) tall.
  • Similar to other bully breeds, there are some bullies with ears that have been cropped.
  • Exotic Bullies should weigh between 30-50 pounds (13.6 to 22.7 kilograms).

Exotic Bullies are Enthusiastic but Not Athletic

Exotic Bullies are energetic dogs and require plenty of exercise. Their energy level is many things to be related to their weight control and also preventing their dogs from being destructive.

Owners shouldn’t let leave Exotic Bullies throughout the day. These dogs require a large amount of exercise as well as owner involvement. It’s not enough to put them in the backyard for a few hours. You’ll need to go to the parks or for long walks.

American Bully

The American Bully is a newer part of the larger bulldog breed. They’ve been in development for a long time and initially acknowledged as such by the American Bully Kennel Club in 2004. They’re tough and friendly dogs.

American Bullies Have Different Sizes

Although this breed of dog American Bully has not been AKC recognized however, it has certain traits of bullies that all other breed associations believe are standard. While you aren’t able to display that you have an American Bully, you can utilize these traits to ensure that your dog is well-bred.

There are a variety of distinct physical characteristics that distinguish bullies in the American Bully:

  • The American Bully is an elongated dog with a wider stance. However, they are available in various sizes.
  • They could have ears that are cropped or long ears, however they should sport the standard smile and wrinkles, which are typical in bully breeds.
  • The dogs are available in a myriad of designs and colors.
  • They should also not be over 20 inches (about 50 cm) tall.
  • American Bullies can weigh to as little as 40lbs up to 130 pounds (18 to 59 kgs).

American Bullies Tend to be More Enthusiastic Compared to Exotic Bullies

Like the other bully breeds, American Bullies possess a high level of energy. The energy they generate could be too much to bear. They also possess a greater energy level as compared to Exotic Bullies.

But you must keep an eye on how your dog does during the exercise. Do not over-exert your dog too much otherwise you could end up injuring yourself. Dogs with a strong hip can suffer from dysplasia, but a careful observation can help keep your dog healthy and happy.


The breeds of Bullies have many similarities, particularly with respect to those of the Exotic Bully and the American Bully.

But there is a difference between the two breeds. The American Bully tends to be bigger and has lesser striking characteristics, whereas Exotic Bullies are more striking. Exotic Bully is more petite and stockier. It also has more dramatic characteristics. Both are great pet dogs for families, and great friends.

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