Burrnationk9s Mr. Kickin Drip and his son from Thora smut tri XL Pitbull Puppy

Hell cat Bam With His Pitbull Puppy from Burrnationk9s ThoraHell cat Bam With His Pitbull Puppy from Burrnationk9s Thora

Burrnationk9s Sauce Lilic Tri Merle Bully PITBULL PUPPY Rolex X Burrnationk9s Cardi B

100 Grand jr with Burrnationk9s Mr.Kickin Drip Daughter Burrnationk9s Dutchess THE Pitbull PUPPY

Burrnationk9s Kane Mr.Kickin drip X Burrnationk9s Thora Son lilic and white ghost tri XL American Pitbull Puppy located in Dallas Texas

Burrnationk9s Ghost A Piebald Tri Merle American Bully

Brindle Merle Tri Carrier American Bully

Lilac Merle Tri American Bully Puppy

Blue Tweed Merle Pitbull Puppy

TRU BULLIES rolex x Burrnationk9s cardi b Lilic Tri Merle BULLY PITBULL PUPPY Son With Blue Eyes

Darkdynastyk9s Magneto x Burrnationk9s kaleidoscope daughter Brindle XL PITBULL PUPPY

Burrnationk9s Sauce x Burrnationk9s Koko female Lilic and white PITBULL PUPPY with blue eyes

Our goal is to produce huge, clean, correct, athletic, muscular and gorgeous show quality American Pitbull’s and American Bullies. We are located in Arkansas coming from the biggest & best pitbull and bully bloodlines in the United States, that conform to the UKC/ABKC standard in health, temperament and structure; preserving and improving them as the true working dogs. The purpose of this website is to showcase our dogs and their accomplishments. These are not only show, weight pulling, and protection dogs, but they are very loved and valued members of our life. Showing them and participating in many dog-related activities is a hobby that we (and the dogs) love and enjoy.

I invite you to make yourself at home and meet the Burrnationk9s. Enjoy your visit!

The Best Pitbull & Bully Kennel in the United States let alone Arkansas.