Tips that can Help Your Pet Age Gracefully

Pets grow older, and like humans, they undergo modifications with every passing year. As your pet’s age reaches the age of 7 or 8, it is time to begin looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives at home. From simple home improvements to modifications you can implement today, these tips will assist you and your pet to enjoy their golden years.

1. Think about the possibility of urinary incontinence

Incontinence in the urinary tract can be caused by a variety of factors in dogs and cats alike. American Veterinary explains it can be caused by a congenital defect in addition to other factors. In general, animals are less in control over their bladders and bowels as they get older. As a responsible and caring pet owner, you’ll be looking to avoid issues that may result from accidents in the bathroom. One approach is to alter your behavior to ensure that you take your pet to the bathroom more frequently. This might not be practical, but you can consider the addition of dog doors which allows them to have access to the bathroom of their preference: the backyard.

A word of advice here would be to take your time. There could be a lot of accidents and eliminating of the unpleasant smell or discoloration may be difficult. It’s not difficult but you’ll must think of a different approach and be prepared to do the whole thing from cleaning the carpets, to replacing the subfloor in spots that they frequent.

2. Hygiene is the priority

Even though your pet is growing older, it isn’t a reason to let their hygiene slide into obscurity. For instance, even if muscles and joints are stiff, making it more difficult to allow your dog to get in to and out of the bathtub, you should still clean him up regularly. Luckily, installing a dog bathing area isn’t that expensive or difficult. In the event that you own an additional bathroom that has a stand-up shower, you might be able to try replacing a shower head that is stationary with the hand-sprayer to ensure that you can lower the dog’s level.

If you’re planning to purchase a high-quality product you can certainly find options to cut costs. For example, the Chewy coupon will help you purchase the equipment you require in order to maintain your pets healthy without draining your bank account.

3. Create convenience

Create an area in the room where your pets sleep the most often. This is to ensure that they have an area to store their possessions. It should contain an area for sleeping and blankets, toys, or bones they love. To ensure that everything is contained make sure you put a container or basket made of wicker nearby. It should be adequate in height to allow your dog to access their toys whenever they’re looking for it. It is also recommended to purchase an elevated dog feeder. It’s basically an elevated platform on which their food bowls and water bowls are only a few inches from the ground. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with arthritis, or those suffering from health issues such as the megaesophagus.

4. Combat issues with mobility

If you or your dog must climb through the steps to get into as well out home, think about building or purchasing ramps. A majority of dogs suffer from problems with mobility later in life. The arthritis or hip dysplasia for instance can make it difficult to walk the 8″ to 10″ step.

Since going up and down from the bed or couch is a problem for older pets, it is also possible to construct a ramp that will assist with this also. DIY Network describes that the use of plywood, hinges and several tools, and an afternoon is all you require.

5. Control their security

The Humane Society of the United States emphasizes that security concerns must be a top priority. You can take steps like adding baby gates on stairways, and block entry to spaces that cause health hazards. Explore the area for potential danger such as fire pits in the outdoors as well as swimming pools. They could be fatal for pets that fall in and is unable to escape. Be sure to put on the dog collar that includes your contact details in the case that he escapes from the house and is unable to find their way home.

Making sure your pet is safe and secure is one of the most vital things that  you can do for them as their physical and mental health decreases with the passage of time. These suggestions are the standard for the home modification of pets who are aging regardless of the amount of silver they have in their gags. If you wish to know more, you can visit Burrnationk9s.

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